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الحلقة ٢: التربية الإيجابية للأطفال

June 2020
نصائح لها تأثير ايجابي في تربية الاطفال بطريقة سليمة، تقدمها سرين خماش و رانية ابو عيطة االاخصائيات في التربية الايجابية في حياة الاهل اليومية في مؤسسة جذور. سوف تتناول هذه الحلقة السلوكيات المفضل اتباعها للاطفال من عمر يوم حتى عمر سنه.

Positive parenting tips from Juzoor`s experts in parenting skills Sireen Khammash and Rania Abu-Aita. This episode is focusing on children's behaviour up to one year old.
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Juzoor Receives a Delegation from the Swedish Parliamentary

A delegation of Swedish Parliamentarians visited Palestine to do a study-tour organized by Diakonia. The agenda included field visits and bilateral meetings with different partners to give the delegation an overall overview on the situation in Palestine. On Monday, 4 November 2019, Juzoor`s management Team welcomed the high-level Swedish delegation at its office in Ramallah. The meeting was headed by Juzoor’s Director Dr. Umaiyeh Khammash, and it’s Senior Health Advisor Dr. Salwa Najjab, where they gave a briefing on the situation in Palestine. Dr. Salwa Najjab presented on the health situation, particularly women's health and the socio-economic situation of women. Moreover, Dr. Umaiyeh Khammash discussed the political situation in Palestine and ways of collaboration. This meeting aimed to contribute to positive economic, health and social development in Palestine.