Name Juzoor Annual Report 2016

Juzoor Annual Report 2016 - Intro

Juzoor for Health & Social Development is a Palestinian non-governmental organization working at the national level, dedicated to improving and promoting health as a basic human right. Juzoor (“roots” in Arabic) was established in 1996 by a group of Palestinian experts and pioneers in various fields, particularly the field of community health. 

Juzoor has become a resource for Palestinian institutions through developing creative model programs in the health and social fields that can be adopted and replicated at the community and national levels. 

Juzoor believes that in order to make a sustainable and lasting impact on the health of Palestinians it must contribute to the national level policy dialogue, and help affect positive change on the macro level. Juzoor seeks to stimulate policy dialogue among stakeholders by: 

  • Building alliances with several national bodies that influence the formation and implementation of health and social policies 
  • Networking with national and regional organizations and institutions as part of numerous consortia, forums and groups that work toward common goals 
  • Participating as co-founders of the Palestinian Health Policy Forum and Middle East and North Africa Health Policy Forum 

Juzoor has 3 main strategies: 

1. Continuous Professional Development 

(CPD) is an important strategy for quality improvement in the health and social sectors. Juzoor’s CPD Unit contributes to improving the performance of health and social service providers. 

2. Community Development 

Juzoor tackles critical emerging public health issues through the Community Development Program. This program seeks to empower individuals and groups with the skills needed to effect change within their communities. It encompasses prevention as well as intervention from the individual to community level by addressing the social determinants of health, including poverty, gender equity, political dependence, socio-economic equality and education. 


 Advocacy for Policy Development is Juzoor’s program that aims to influence and contribute to the development of health and social policies, in line with the needs of the Palestinian community. 

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