Alternative to Violence PalestineJUZOOR organized a 5 day training on AVP in cooperation with AVP International Project in Ramallah. Around 10 representatives of NGOs and CBOs participated in the training, in addition two female teachers from Friends School – which is the hosting school for the training.

The training aimed to improve the Transforming Power skills into different positive forms, and to enhance non violent behavior in our daily social lives. The training was based on “Mandalla” model which is adopted by the groups of AVP around the world. Besides, it is an adaptable model according the place and target groups in our society we work with and for them.

The training was enclosed on Thursday – 29 May 2014. Certificates were delivered to participants recognized by AVP International and JUZOOR. We hope that participants will use what they have learned and integrate it in their organizations’ work, and transfer the knowledge and skills to members of the community; women, men, children, youth, and elderly people.

What is the AVP Project ما هو مشروع بدائل العنف 

تدريب بدائل العنف بتنظيم من مؤسسة جذور INVITE 


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This project falls under: Empowering Palestinian society to advocate for health and environmental rights