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Juzoor is a leading Palestinian NGO dedicated to improving the well-being of families and promoting human rights, including health rights, in the West Bank and Gaza. In full consultation with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and UNRWA, Juzoor has designed this project aiming to reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity by decreasing the numbers of high-risk and unwanted pregnancies and reducing obstetric complications and case fatality rate in women. 


Geographical targeted areas: in three clusters:

  • Tubas Governorate
  • Jordan Valley in the West Bank
  • Among Internally Displaced People [IDP] in North Gaza).

The project concept is based on:

  1. Collaboration and networking among health stakeholders to mobilize skills, resources, and innovations, drawing upon best practices.
  2. An integrated package of innovative interventions, combining health systems strengthening, through the use of electronic health technology, and evidence-based continuous professional development.
  3. Community mobilization, working with community leaders and empowering women.

Through these three inter-related components

  • Woman-centered quality care in pregnancy and childbirth will be promoted,
  • The access to quality maternal and child health services will be improved,
  • And healthy practices at household and community levels will be encouraged.



  1. Identify system level challenges and opportunities for improving the quality of maternity services in 15 clinics and 3 hospitals.
  2. Build the capacity of 150 health care professionals/li>
  3. Empower 10,000 women and mobilize communities around reproductive health rights issues, and build their capacity to communicate their needs to their health service providers

Quality of care will be improved:

  1. Are using best practices and adhering to protocols and international standards;
  2. Have access to a well-managed inventory of essential supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals;
  3. Can refer clients to more specialized care as appropriate.
  4. The project will emphasize continuum of care approach: enhancing and increasing the utilization of MCH booklet,
  5. ‘Quality Improvement Collaborative’ approach,
  6. The project will support local leadership to identify quality improvement interventions using a learning cycle of Plan-Do-Study-Act;

Project Logo

Projects phases:

  1. Preparation Phase
  • A project steering committee to be formulated to provide strategic guidance and oversight to the project, and to facilitate ownership of the project by communities and buy-in by health service providers
  • A baseline assessment: to identify critical gaps in quality, access and use of maternal services.
  1. Action phase

Component I: Health Facility Strengthening:

  • Quality improvement plan to improve standards of care in line with WHO guidelines.
  • Availability of essential equipment and supplies

Component II: Capacity Building/Continuous Professional Development

  • A series of high-quality evidence-based continuous professional development activities will be implemented

Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO),Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP),Helping Babies Breath (HBB), Pre-Conception Care training, Infection Prevention and Control, and Basic Life Support (BLS)component II:  Capacity Building/Continuous Professional Development

Component III: Community Mobilization

  • Community Mobilizers will work with CBOs to implement BCC activities and empower community members
  • Community Health Workers (CHWs) i.e. residents in the targeted locations, 
  • Community Committees (CCs) which will be established in each location.

By the end of the project

  • Over 6,000 mothers and infants will directly benefit from project
  • An additional 20,000 women and children will benefit from receiving improved quality of care and services
  • A national conference on maternal mortality and morbidity will also be organized to promote learning and dissemination of best practices on interventions to reduce maternal and infant mortality


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